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  All visitors are guaranteed to be bitcoin users. This is a perfect opportunity to advertise your bitcoin related website or your bitcoin - accepting shop.

  This is a perfect opportunity to advertise your website

  Viewers are forced to view your advertisement for the whole duration.

  Fraudulent clicks are not counted.

  Non-member clicks are not counted.

  Only unique visits are counted each day.

The following advertisements are NOT allowed:

  Adult (18+) content

  Copyright infringing material

  URL shorteners

  Illegal products and services (drugs, organs, unlicensed weapons, prostitution)

  Framebreakers, framekillers, framebusters

  Websites that never load

Websites are approved after your payment is completed. Have in mind that order will not be activated instantly, it can take up to few hours until the transaction has multiple confirmations. However, any illegal websites will be taken down and no refunds will be given.